BE THE 100% CHANGE - taking 100% Renewable action into our own hands, locally
There are solutions being pursued, but getting to the 'light at the end of the tunnel' means all of us getting involved...
'Saving civilization is not a spectator sport' -
Lester Brown, founder, Earth Policy Institute, Washington DC -
WE HAVE LAUNCHED A CCA TEAM... inspired by the Feb 2014 publishing of 50 blueprints,
for all 50 states to go 100% Renewable, now available from Stanford Univerity, at this website:
we are activating a grassroots effort TO CREATE A CCA in Contra Costa county, possibly working with the county of Alameda, to create this CCA. 

CCA stands for:  Community Choice Aggregated energy.

OUR 2-county Petition for this effort, follows below, going to local elected officials who can support this effort, and have it become a reality...

This will enable us to trend towards county-wide electricity, with 100% Renewable power, of solar and small wind - appropriate for our heavily populated county. 

Here is the link to the White Paper for this East Bay CCA, introducing its feasibility - - it shares how Renewable power can be generated within the 2 county region, based on 'brownfields' or industrial waste land that can not be built on for any other purpose.  This would be ideal locations for local solar and small wind farms.

Check out DETAILS OF PRIMO WIND, a new small wind company, based in San Diego, on the petition JUST BELOW.


THOSE SIGNING:   please indicate your home city, letting your elected city and county officials know you are their constituent  - thank you!



CCA is short for - Community Choice Aggregate Energy.

A non-profit in Mill Valley - Lean Energy - has or is helping to set up CCAs, in 6 states now:  CA, IL, OH, MA, RI and NJ.  
3 more states will soon add to this number:  NY, UT and HI.
Even more are expected, with plans to get the necessary legislation passed in the remaining 41 states to set them up.
See  for more details.
To see what a CCA looks like, check out Marin county's CCA, at  

OTHER NATIONAL NEWS on the climate front... - the latest on renewables and industrial hemp, April 4, 2014
WONDERING HOW THE NATIONAL CLIMATE MOVEMENT GOT SPARKED in 2011?  with the help of  the DoTheMath approach with and Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein.
All because of a science report.  We don't ask you to read it, but reading the following article about it is good enough, so you will understand why we need to urgently act, now...
ARCHIVE MATERIAL - from Feb 2013
A compelling 4 minute video of the Feb 17 2013 Climate Rally in DC can be seen here...NOT TO BE MISSED!  
HERE IS THE FULL HOUR VERSION plus-15 -minutes version of the Feb 17 2013 Climate Rally in DC, titled. Other Voices, Other Choices, with all speeches in full...
Severe Weather is on American minds, especially since Hurricane Sandy. Our summer temperatures are unusually high.  Americans know something is wrong.
74% of us, based on a Yale Univ Oct 2012 poll, even before Hurricane Sandy, connected it  to climate change.  A followup poll by Yale Univ in Dec 2012, brought that percentage up to 80. 
The real way to get to a low-carbon world by 2020, eliminating our carbon pollution that drives this weather, is by passing climate legislation in Congress, and doing our personal best, in affordably lowering our own carbon/fossil fuel use. 
For divesting YOUR own fossil fuel use, we recommend our
Menu of 17 ways to do that, at .
We look forward to working with you in what should be a breakthrough year for a clean and green economy...
Thank you for joining us!
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